Keynotes financial opiniery has the experience, skills and resources to offer our clients a breadth of services and solutions to meet their unique needs. Our clients benefit from the collective knowledge and wisdom of our diverse group of thought leaders. We are not simply money managers, we are wealth managers who strive to add value to the overall well-being of our clients. In areas that require additional expertise, we introduce our clients to trusted specialists who supplement our advice. We serve as a single point of contract to ensure client financial decisions are well integrated with their lifestyles decisions. In partnership with our clients, we design and implement sophisticated investment and wealth management strategies. We also enhance our clients understanding of investment and financial planning issues on an ongoing basis so they stay well informed and engaged. We listen carefully and care deeply about our clients well being. We help guide many of our clients through major life transitions such as marriage, divorce, loss of spouse, job change, retirement and significantly liquidity events.