Profile of N.R.Ramakrishnan

A Retired Banker with more than 30 Years of experience in Banking and Mutual Fund Industry. Educationally Ramakrishnan graduated in science followed with a degree in law. He has obtained professional certification relating Banking, Mutual Funds and Financial Planning during the course of his service.

He has handled different managerial assignments in State Bank of India at Branch, Zonal & Head office level. Ramakrishnan’s specialization area in the Bank was credit, general and personnel management. He is adept in the area of project appraisal, credit administration & dispensation relating to Small Scale industries and retail segment.

He has also worked for More than 8 years with a Mutual Fund. He has held various critical assignments as head of Product Development, head of Marketing department, head of Human Resources and head of Knowledge Management functions of the Mutual Fund.

Currently he has opted for retirement and occupies his time by undertaking assignments as a contributory faculty for MBA students primarily in subjects related to Banking and Finance at DBM Nagpur and a few other institutions. He is also actively engaged in facilitating financial planning education by providing guidance and counseling to students aspiring to obtain Financial Planning certification of FPSB through self study mode. He also in a small way renders financial planning advice.

His current occupation provides him with an opportunity to share his experience and the acquired knowledge with students who are keen to improve their skill set in the area of Banking & Finance in general.