Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PWM cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth. In simple words, a Private Wealth Management Service provides professional management of your investments to create wealth.

At Keynotes Private Wealth Management, we help you achieve these objectives by balancing three critical factors. We believe financial needs of individuals and families can be broken down into three key areas: Growth, Preservation and Transmission of Wealth.

Our core principles are “value based investing”, aimed at providing long-term wealth creation for investors. We have introduced certain relationship measurement benchmarks which will help you track your investment portfolio objectively and our fee structures are also aligned with your performance.

Thus in each key area of Wealth Management – Growth, Preservation and Transmission, we help to knit together a unified and holistic plan designed around your particular needs & objectives in an ethical manner.