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We are a professionally managed growing research house provide intelligence on every aspect of Indian business, finance and markets. We offer a wide range of research solutions to a diverse pool of clients. Our products includes sector and industry reports, company analysis , IPO and Mutual fund analysis, thematic research and daily financial news and analysis. We also conduct tailor made research to suit particular needs of our clients.
Our sector and industry reports includes policy framework, SWOT analysis, product and market forecasts based on econometric analysis, industry trends, competitive strategies and company profiles to provide an unbiased outlook and reliable assessment of concerned sector or industry.
In company analysis we conduct both fundamental and technical analysis to arm our clients with an objective and focused assessment of a company.
Thematic research includes taking up new ideas and hypothesis and testing them with high statistical and econometric techniques to evaluate their business potential. Thematic research is conducted on clients request to test and validate new and untapped investment opportunities.
Daily news and analysis contains wide coverage of daily alerts on Indian and Global financial markets, individual stock and index movements, company events, industry news, economic and policy developments, merger and acquisition activities and corporate happenings.
In the IPO and Mutual Fund segment we provide investors with comprehensive research coverage and analysis of latest Initial Public Offerings and New Fund Offers. Our reports provide full Pre IPO and Post IPO research and analytics. Our analysis is ideal for new as well as experienced investors providing step by step guide to IPO’s and Mutual fund offers.
Comprehensive Financial Planning is more than the active management of investments. It is more than the creation of a retirement plan and it goes well beyond regular check-ups of a portfolio. Truly Comprehensive Financial Planning is the act of planning for, and prudently addressing life events. It addresses everything from buying a new car or home, to planning for a child’s education, preparing for eventual retirement or creating a plan for your estate. But it goes well beyond these basic life events…it also addresses potential events that can drastically alter your long-term financial security.

The Keynotes Financial Opiniery offers Comprehensive Financial Planning advice tailored to help our clients meet their goals and objectives. Our client services emphasize a balanced look at your short-term plans and long-term objectives, the always-changing relationship between risk and reward, and ongoing evaluations of plan strategies. Comprehensive touches all the aspects of Financial Planning (Fundamental, Insurance, Retirement, Investment, Tax & Estate) and addresses all the goals of you and your family.
Keynotes Financial Opiniery Investment Research offers Portfolio Restructuring service. Portfolio Restructuring involves selling undesired stocks/investments from the investment portfolio and buying desired/attractive/fundamentally strong/potentially good stocks in the investment portfolio. This enables an investor to get above average return in normal market condition and helps him/her to get out of under-performed portfolio.